Horses are a type of animal found in Experimental Rust. They are a passive animal that will not try to attack the player; however if you approach close to it or try to shoot at it, it will attempt to flee the player for its life. Horses can be spotted in various colours, including grey, dark brown, and light brown. Their manes and tails are usually a few shades darker than the majority of their skin. Horses, like any other passive animal in the Experimental version, can (at first) sprint much faster than the player in an attempt to escape. After running for about 30 seconds, they tire out and either almost completely stop, or trot just below player sprinting speed.


  • A commonly seen bug is when killing a horse of any colour/variant, its ragdoll will be the grey horse variant rather than the properly corresponding variant.
  • It is possible to sneak as close as 5 meters to a horse without the horse reacting, which gives time to do two or three killing blows with a Stone Spear or other long ranged, moderate damage weapon.
  • Horses tend to make "neigh" sounds occasionally, making one fairly easy to track down. They neigh more often when being attacked, or running away from a threat.
  • Horses can sometimes be seen fighting with other Horses or Deer.

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