The Airfield spans a relatively large, flat area, featuring two runways, three hangars, watch towers and an office building. There are also tunnels running underneath the Airfield that are accessible through concrete ladder holes. All buildings are freely accessible and may contain Loot Crates and Barrels. Deteriorating, concrete walls confine the Airfield's premises.


The Airfield offers access to a Recycler, which is located in the middle hangar. Inside the office building, a working Oil Refinery, Recycler and Repair Bench is available.


The Airfield is host to a whole, wide variety of different loot spawns - ranging from Trash Cans, regular loot Barrels and Oil Barrels to Food, Medical(or Supply) and Military Crates. Outside, on the runway and the Airfield's outskirts, you would find a plethora of Trash Cans, regular loot Barrels and Food Crates. The first hangar, the one furthest away from the warehouse, is usually filled with several Oil Barrels. Inside the other two hangars and the office building itself, you may expect to find different variants of the Large Wooden Crate as well as Military Crates. Within the tunnels one can find a few bunker rooms, sewers, and a short natural cave segment. You can find several mining crates, military crates, and barrels throughout.
Airfield Airfield

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